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Blackjack is a slack bot that allows you to play this popular game against the dealer, tracking your bankroll as you play. You start with 5,000 virtual dollars in credit and can vary your bet from 5 to 1,000 dollars. Play head to head against the dealer - closest to 21 wins! Compare your bankroll with other players by saying read high scores to hear the leader board. Keep playing and you can move to the top!

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How to play

Start Blackjack by telling the bot Play Blackjack. You can then bet optionally giving an amount between 5 and 1,000 to bet. You and the dealer are dealt two cards - the dealer exposes one card face-up and keeps the other hidden.

10s and face cards are worth 10 points, 2-9 are worth their point value, and aces are worth 1 or 11 points. The object is to get closer to 21 than the other player without going over - if you go over you bust and automatically lose, regardless of what the dealer does. If the dealer goes over 21 and you don't, you win with any total.

After you are dealt your cards, you can hit to take an additional card or stand to stay on your first two cards. If you want you can also double down in which case you will be double your bet and be dealt one additional card before the dealer takes a turn. You can also surrender in which case you automatically forfeit half your bet and end the game, or if you have two like-valued cards you can split and play two hands.

This game also has several exciting features including a progressive side bet you can make by typing place side bet. The side bet is $5 and remains in play until you type remove side bet. If your first dealt card is 7, you win $25. If your first two cards are 7, you win $125, and if your first three cards are 7, you win the progressive jackpot!

If you want to hear the leader board say read high scores. When you are done with the game, say no when asked if you want to play again and your progress will be saved.

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